Sod Black Friday - shop handmade instead! November 25, 2016 14:30

This weekend I shall be ignoring the 8 million billion emails I've received about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead I'll be going to Made in Clerkenwell to buy handmade direct from the makers.
Made IN Clerkenwell

 I love open studios - partly because I'm nosy of course! But there is nothing nicer than than buying direct from a maker. It makes me value a thing so much more knowing who made it and how. And it makes me feel like I have a little part to play in that maker's creative career from then on. Head down to Craft Central this weekend and get involved with the artists and makers there.

 Make In Clerkenwell

I am decluttering at the moment, which means buying lots of stuff isn't really what I want to be doing. So I'm embracing the Just a Card Campaign. The idea is, if you love a maker's work but aren't in the market for a  big purchase, you can still support the maker by buying just a card. Brilliant! You can frame them up as mini wall-art to store them till you have a card emergency.

Just a Card


If you're in Crouch End next weekend, you could swing by the Etsy London Local market and try this  lovely paper mistletoe workshop with Utensils0 at the same time.


 So step away from the crazy online deals, and take an altogether calmer approach to supporting the creative economy with your spending power.

What's your favourite handmade buy ever? At the moment I'm in love with my handmade mugs by Hackney Potter!