Decoupage on to Shoes


We all have shoes we don’t wear any more – maybe we are bored with them, the colour isn’t right, or we like them so much that we have worn them out. This is your chance to give them a new lease of life! Once you’ve learned the technique, you will be able to upcycle other pairs at home: all you’ll need is time, patience, and a few very affordable materials and tools.

During this half-day workshop, you will select papers from an extensive collection to transform a pair of shoes into your unique creation through decoupage. Gabriela will guide you through the design process and show you all the tricks involved in applying very thin paper to a flexible surface. Just find an old pair of shoes or sandals made from leather or plastic, with as little embellishment as possible, and bring them with you. If in doubt, bring a couple of pairs and we can choose the best one once you’re here.

You will be able to wear you decoupaged shoes outdoors as they will be sealed with a special varnish, treat them in the same way as you would suede or fabric shoes.

Once you've mastered this technique, you can try it again and again!
Various dates
Kenbury Road, near Loughborough Junction/Camberwell. You'll be sent the full adress two days before the event

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