Wild Colour Foraging Walk - Hampstead


Discover the flowers, leaves, roots, and barks growing all around London, that can be used to create natural dyes and colour. Our natural dye expert Flora Arbuthnott will lead this walk and share the knowledge she's spend years building up. This is a wonderful way to explore the green side of London and the secrets of the plants around you.

There's no need to use chemical dyes and washing machines to create colours on fabric when you can use natural foraged materials. Flora creates beautiful colours using nothing but plant based dyes and mordants (fixatives). You can join her on a natural silk dyeing workshop here…

Even in London, there are plants we can use creatively all around us. Join Flora on this guided walk, where you’ll learn how to identify and harvest natural dye plants, as well as some edible and medicinal plants that grow all around us. She’ll share how best to harvest wild plants, and how to spot good places for gathering.

This walk will be in and around Hampstead Heath area. Once you've booked we'll send you the location of the meeting point and we'll have a flag so you can spot us. This is an outdoor activity, so please choose sensible footwear and check the weather when you decide what to wear!

Your ticket includes:

A 2 hour guided walk led by Flora
A set of illustrated colour notes to take away with you
A cotton tote to collect plants and carry your bits and bobs 

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