You Don't Need a Sewing Machine to Sew


If you love the idea of sewing your own things but aren't quite ready to invest in a sewing machine or a series of sewing classes, this is perfect for you.

You'll learn the basics of sewing fabric accessories and create a little zip-up earbud case. You can make it again at home with nothing but scissors, a zip, a needle and thread so it's the perfect way to try out some sewing skills. These fab little cases make brilliant gifts too... got a sister, brother, dad or boyfriend who is impossibble to buy for? Make them one of these in their favourite colour. We'll even show you how to make it into a keyring.

In this 2.5 hour session you'll learn a bucket-load of skills 

  • The principle of following a basic paper sewing pattern
  • Pinning and cutting out your fabric
  • How to assemble the bits of fabric
  • Sewing by hand
  • How to insert a contrast zip - it's EASY!!!
  • Top tips and tricks

There are quite literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from, and you'll learn from Suzie Kemner, expert teacher and the creative textiles designer behind Suzie London

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