Becci Mai Ford

Becci Mai Ford Happy Crafter at x London Craft Club
Make happy with our newest craft expert and founder of Ellbie Co. Inspired from her time spent living in South Korea, Becci decided to take vibrant kawaii design and apply it to create exciting quirky craft kits, for people to make at home.

Use creativity to craft a blue neon unicorn light and learn new skills

We chatted the other day about her journey to teach people how to make happy - here are a few snippets:

What’s your favourite thing about teaching?
The moment when you see people start to relax into the workshop, and believe that they can do it. It’s exciting to see people get back in touch with their inner child and get messy too!

Who or what inspired you to take up a creative career?

What's inspired me the most is just to follow what I feel in my gut makes me happy, and ever since I was little I have loved making things. I noticed that if I don't make things for a few days I start to feel down (it's addictive) so I knew that a creative career was the only route that I would ever want to take. Even on the more dull days it never feels like work!

What one thing have you made that you’re most proud of?

When I was 9 years old I decided (not sure why) to build a doll out of recycled materials (cardboard, paper, plastic etc) by the time I had collected everything from around my house and stuck it together. She became ‘Rosie the recycled’ she had eyes made from polystyrene cups and yellow wool for her hair. She was taller than my dad! I remember being amazed that I had been able to make something that big and unignorable. Rosie was ugly and misshapen. But she opened my eyes to the scope of what you can make from not a lot of resources.

What’s your favourite place to go for inspiration?

I love going for an 'ideas run' with my boyfriend by the seafront (I live in Brighton). I find that stepping away from a project is sometimes the best thing to do - it can be very easy to get so sucked into a project that you blinker yourself.

What's your top tip for beginners

BEGIN! It can intimidating especially when there are so many fantastic makers already out there. I've had people tell me that they would like to craft but they just aren't good at it. But how do they know if they've never tried? What you don't get to see behind each beautiful crafted product online are the hundreds of failed products that came before. You will find your style and the type of crafting that suits you best over time - but you'll never know if you never start.

Craft and learn to live a creative colourful happy life

If you want to find out more about Becci and Ellbie Co. you can find her here: (sign up to be a member of The Make Happy Club to get all of her latest colourful cute updates)
Twitter: @ellbieco
And don’t forget you can also make happy with Becci at our next Neon Light workshop where she will teach you how to glow!