Christmas Cracker Crafty Gifts

 Make a mini-tapestry
Materials: Wooden loom, white string, 2 x coloured thread, large needle
1. Thread the white string through the holes in the wooden loom, back and forth between the bottom and top as in the picture. Tie it off when you get to the end.
2. Pick your first coloured thread and tie it to the first string at the bottom and thread the other end through your needle.
3. Put your needle through the lines of thread missing every other thread and pull through, going the other way make sure to go through all the threads you miss. Repeat this process till you want to switch the colour.
4. Switch the colour and go through steps 2 & 3 till you fill the whole loom.
5. Snip the white thread and admire your tapestry
Pompom Earrings
Materials: Wool, metal chain, Earring hook
1. Using a fork wrap the wool around the prongs.
2. Put a small length of thread or tooth floss through the centre prong and tie it around the centre of your wool bundle. Here's a great link with pictures
3. Cut both sides of the bundle with scissors, and trim it into a sphere or heart shape
4. Sew thread/floss through your pompom and tie it to the last link of the hanging chain provided.
5. Take the  other end of the chain and attach it onto the earring hook by opening the small loop at the bottom, hooking on the chain and then closing it again.
6. Wear with pride
Make A Tiny Bowl
Material: Air Dry Clay
We’ve made a Pinterest board of great ideas that you can make with your air dry clay, let your imagination run wild!
1. Roll it into a ball and then press your thumb in the middle to create bowl shape.
2. Leave to dry (this could take a few hours to a day depending on how thick you make it). Once dry you can paint it beautiful colours.
Felt Initial Keyring
Materials: Felt rectangle, key chain and sewing needle
1. Cut around the letter you would like in the felt twice
2. Put the letters back to back and sew the edges together leaving the top open.
3. Fill with rice or stuffing
4. Sew the letter closed and sew it onto the key chain.
5. Never lose your keys again!
Materials: colour ink pad and 2 x snowflake stamps
1. Pat the ink pad on to the stamps and go wild! You can stamp envelopes, tags, coaster, gift bags and bunting!
If you get the stamping bug we have a great Pinterest board of ideas
Paper Flower
Flower template
Material: Paper & Template
1. Masking tape your template shapes onto the paper
2. Cut around each template
3. Using a skewer or round pencil/knitting needle shape your petals up around the curve of the object like in the photo
4. Glue the bottom of each shape and stick it onto the one below - make sure the largest shape is at the bottom and the smallest on the top
5. Don’t be afraid to cup your flower in your hand and squash it to give it a realistic shape.
Here are the pdfs for the crackers handles and the cracker barrels so you can print and make more!