Dee Maxwell

Dee Maxwell Sued and Co

Meet Dee - a fantastic designer and founder of Suede & Co, a vibrant handmade suede and leather accessories label. Dee developed her love of sewing from a young age and  crafts with a focus on using sustainable materials.

We chatted the other day about crafting, here is a snippet of our conversation:

Who/what inspires you the most?

I'm inspired most of all by people I know through Instagram! Seeing a wonderful community of makers and designers who have built their own successful brands inspires me to follow my dreams to create that for myself as well.

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How best would you describe your creative style?

I am quite organized in my creativity. I don't have a lot of free time to be creative, so when I am making something new, I have to make the most of my limited time. Which means, keep it simple and plan it out!

What do you enjoy most about crafting?

I enjoy the feeling of having made an actual item. Seeing a product from raw materials to a finished, usable product is such a powerful feeling. Especially in the age where you can get anything you want with the push of a button. Having actually created it yourself is so magical.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever made?

I was commissioned to make a suede bag for an American woman's deceased dog’s ashes! A bit morbid, but the thought behind the project was really touching and she clearly really cared about her dog!

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Why do you enjoy hosting workshops?

I've always really enjoyed teaching, I love being able to help people discover a new skill. Especially when people come in with a view that they can't do it, that they aren't creative, and then by end, they've created this wonderful thing. You can see that they are really proud of it and it's such a wonderful feeling to be part of that discovery.

If you want to find out more about Dee and her work you can find her here:


Instagram: @suede_and_co


Don’t forget you can get involved and try making with Dee at one of our upcoming workshops!