Gabriela Szulman

Gabriela Szulman

Meet our resident printmaker and mixed-media artist Gabriela Szulman. Inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of anything vintage. Gabriela is skilled in several different crafts including printmaking, decoupage and ceramics to name but a few!
Learn to create multi-media art in this relaxing and creative workshop

We chatted the other day about her favourite makers and why she enjoys running workshops, here is a snippet of our conversation:

How do you find inspiration?

I love delving into old photograph albums, vintage magazines, cards, knitting pattern books and scraps of writing. Second-hand bookshops, junk shops, market stalls, attics and long-forgotten boxes are my treasure trove.  I am also drawn to colour and pattern, both of which feature strongly in my work.  

What do you enjoy most about workshops?

I find teaching very satisfying, partly because I’m quite bossy and it gives me license to tell people exactly what to do! Kidding aside, I enjoy welcoming students to the lovely space that is my studio, sharing my skills with them and helping them uncover their own creativity. Few things give me greater pleasure than seeing the joy in the faces of my students as they leave having made something unique to them.

Who are your favourite makers currently?

Mandy Patullo, a textile artist who recycles found objects and small precious bits of embroidery into evocative fabric collages.

Kate Iles, a 3-D artist who makes beautiful scenarios set in boxes made of reclaimed wood. Often starting with a found object or postcard, she produces pieces that evoke dreams, fairy tales, nostalgia and romance. Her work is about preserving moments in time, something that really resonates with me.

Mr Finch, who describes himself as “a man who sews” and is a master of artistic recycling. He breathes life into old fabric scraps by transforming them into narrative sculptures of moths, rabbits, mushrooms, and hybrid lifeforms.

What craft skill would you like to learn?

Carpentry is high up on my list. I’m pretty useless with power tools though, so that will be a challenge!

Multi-media art created by Gabriela Szulman you can learn how to make your own.

What advice would you give to first time crafters?

Follow instructions carefully and at the same time avoid thinking too much about what you’re making. And of course, keep practicing as that is the only way to improve your skills.


If you want to find out more about Gabriela Szulman and her stunning artwork, you can find her here:

Twitter: @gabrielaszulman
Instagram: @gabrielaszulman

You can get involved and try making your own piece of elegant decoupage artwork with Gabriela at one of our upcoming workshops!