Our teachers and hosts are what make our community and everything we do work so well! Among them you'll find experts in crafts and in teaching, but they're also a wonderful, kind, generous and patient bunch, united by the belief that anyone can fall in love with crafting, and so everyone should have the chance. 


Reviews and feedback
Flora Arbuthnott zoe Sonia Bownes is the found of London Craft Club and one of the UKs leading craft experts
Shoshana Bratton Amber Cooper-Davies Maddie aka Thimblebee
Eleanor Flynn is a textile artist and crafter Zuzana Lalikova is an embroidery and textiles expert Gabriela Szulman is an artist and decoupage expert
Melodie Telliez is a homeware designer and metalworker Hannah Miles is London Craft Club's paper expert and the designer behind Utensils0 Dee Maxwell is the designer behind Suede and Co
Rhiannon Palmer Penny Quinn Emily Dawe
Kat Wight textiles expert