Will Hammond

Will Hammond interdisciplinary artist and London Craft Club expert



Meet Will Hammond our resident artist and maker who takes a different approach to making! His work uses a variety of materials, techniques and disciplines, and often explore theme of displacement, and contemporary dystopian issues in social housing. Will founded The Company ‘WillRecycle’, making designer accessories using a handmade material from recycled plastic bags. In addition to making and selling, ‘WillRecycle’ ran a series of recycling and sustainable educational workshops at a variety of events.

We chatted to Will the other day about where his love of making stemmed from and some of his stranger makes...

Who/what inspires you the most?
Making things and seeing how things work, from a young age I have always been fascinated with how things are made and how things work, from taking apart the VHS machine and my sister's Walkman and trying (often unsuccessfully) to put them back together again. Thankfully now I’m an adult I have discovered not everything needs to be broken in order to be fixed.

Live a creative life and by learning how to bring handmade products into your life!
How best would you describe your creative style?
Interdisciplinary, Functional and Interactive. I love making things that have and fulfil a use. Nothing give me more pleasure than finding a new use for something that has been discarded, forgotten or gone unloved.

What do you enjoy most about crafting?
I love working with my hands, using materials in innovative and exciting ways to make something.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever made?
I once helped a friend cover the millennium bridge in clingfilm.
I once used plastic dust sheets to create a giant inflatable room which ended up looking more like a giant condom.
I once used scrap materials to make an X-Ray Machine.

Live a creative life and by learning how to bring handmade products into your life!

Why do you enjoy hosting workshops?
It has to be watching a group of people learn the same skills and produce so many entirely different outcomes. Everyone’s piece in the end is always so unique so different and it always amazes me how incredible people’s ideas can be.

If you want to find out more about Will and his latest projects you can find him here:

Website: http://www.will-hammond.com/

And don’t forget you can work alongside Will at our next workshop!