Block Print Two Cotton Napkins


This Autumn we will be showing you how to print your own pair of cotton napkins. You'll learn the basics of block printing, including how to cut your own printing blocks, mix colours and print on to fabric. We use techniques you can use easily try again at home so you’ll be a print wizard by the time you finish

What could be more rewarding than printing your own textiles? Imagine knowing how to simply and easily create your own fabric prints whenever and wherever you want. Seen a cushion design you want? Recreate it yourself! Got a picture in your head of your dream Summer wrap but can’t find it in the shops? Print up your own. Want to make the perfect bespoke present …. You get it, the possibilities are endless! 

You can choose from our pretty ready-made designs, or you can create your own designs from scratch.

We’ll show you simple ways to create your printing blocks at home, so that you can recreate the techniques over and over. You’ll block print your designs onto two white napkins (don’t worry you’ll get a few practice go's first!) 


There’s lots of support and guidance on designing something that looks great, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve no crafty experience or don’t think you’re creative! Make something gorgeous for yourself, get yourself a new skill and enjoy an afternoon of cakes, craft and creativity

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