Master Brush Lettering and Create Your Own Lantern


Join us for a wonderful evening of brush lettering with Shoshana of Shoshy Cadoodle. Gently learn the techniques to create natural, flowing letters with Shoshy's help and guidance and when you're happy with the end result you can turn it into a little tea light lantern, complete with copper rings top and bottom.

Lettering is a skill that you can practice easily at home, and one of those fantastic crafts where you don't need a huge amount of space and kit to do. So come and long and try your hand at it and you can create a beautiful lantern that really shows your creative journey. 

What's included

  • Paper
  • Two tea light making kits, one to work with and an extra one to take home
  • Tissue to wrap your lantern, and a cotton tote to take your work home in
  • A colour instruction brochure


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