Hand Make a Concrete and Copper Plant Stand


When and where:

Dates TBC

On this 3 hour workshop you'll learn two great workshop skills and leave with an elegant plant stand made with your very own hands. Our wonderful tutor and homewares designer Melodie Telliez will start by showing you how to cast concrete on a small scale. Casting is incredibly fun and once you've got the basics, you can cast all sorts of things. It's all about getting the mix right and using a mould, so it's not unlike baking. You just don't the oven at the end, as your concrete sets (or "cures") in the mould by itself.

Next, while your concrete is settling, you'll learn how to cut copper pipes with a fantastic easy-to-use tool. It's a real insider's trick, you wont believe how clever it is! Then move on to constructing your plant stand and use our quick drying resin glue to secure it solidly in place. Last of all you'll polish up the copper with a specialist wax to give it a lovely bright finish.

When you've finished, you'll be able to carry home the finished copper stand. Your concrete will have started to cure and wont be runny be anymore, but you'll take it home in the mould and pop it out two days later. We'll provide all the packaging you need to get it safely home. 

What's included:

  • All the materials you need
  • Packaging to carry your plant stand home - but please note you will need two hands to carry it!
  • A full-colour printed tutorial
  • A hot drink or house wine beer (depending on the venue)
  • Details of where to buy more supplies if you'd like to carry on with your new craft skills

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