Make an Orihon-style Accordian Book


In this two hour session you'll get to work with all the professional tools of the trade to make a Japanese Orihon style photo book. You can choose from our range of beautiful Chiyogami papers and ribbons, and by the end of the workshop you'll have made your own hard-cover concertina book, with one of your favourite photos set in an embossed square on the front cover.

Orihon, or "folding book" is a traditional form of Japanese accordian-style book. Orihon were most commonly used for hand-copied manuscripts.  The form is thought to have been inspired by palm-leaf books which were carried along Indian and Chinese trade routes and traditionally featured images and text on only one side. Their concertina form means that they can be stored closed to keep you photos safe or stood open to display your favourite pictures.

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