Naturally dye four hanks of wool with wild foraged plants


The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9Pj

Monday 12th February, 7.00 - 9.30pm
Monday 30th April 7.00 - 9.30pm 

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore traditional and modern techniques of using flowers, leaves, roots, and barks to create beautiful coloured wool. Our natural dye expert Flora Arbuthnott will lead this workshop and share the knowledge she's spend years building up. 
This is a wonderful way to indulge your creativity and get to know the colour secrets of the plants around you. You'll leave with a four hanks of wool that you've dyed yourself.
There's no need to use chemical dyes and a washing machine to create dye effects - you can learn how to use natural foraged materials. Flora creates beautiful colours using nothing but plant and other found items, and putting them through the process of steaming. She  grows and collects different plants to use for dyeing, and will bring a selection of them for you to learn about and dye with.
Flora will show you a range of different effects you can create using natural mordants (fixatives) and modifiers, and then steam your work to create the colour effect. Everything you learn you will be able to do at home again - we'll show you how to do this with nothing but the things you have in your kitchen at home. The trick is in the knowledge of the plants and how to extract colour from them. Once you know the techniques and understand the plants to use, you'll be able to begin experimenting with colour and yarn at home.

Your ticket includes:
Four 20g hanks of undyed wool to work with
All the dyeing materials you need
Packaging to take your work safely away with you
A cotton tote
A colour instruction booklet to help dye again

Who's it for:
This is perfect for beginners, but you must be 18years or older to take part. 

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