Tapestry Weaving with Colour


Who loves yarn? WE DO!

We are ridiculously excited about our team-up with the London Loom, our favourite flamboyant weavers.

Francesca and Brooke of the London Loom is coming at you with a beginners tapestry class which is as bright and colourful as the day is merry (think your best birthday but with more yarn). You will learn how to dress your loom and how to create all the basic stitches you need to start you off on a new woven adventure. Tapestry weaving is a relaxing and freestyle textile craft which is way more painterly than other needlecrafts - unleash your love for texture and colour and discover your new found love for the loom.

The class is paced to chill you out and give you some happiness-inducing colour therapy. At the end of the workshop you’ll get to keep all of the equipment which is specially designed for you by the ladies at The London Loom. Our tapestry looms are made for us by a local joiner from reclaimed wood and are the perfect size to get you started.




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