Try Easy Shibori-Style Tie Dye


Tie dye is back! We’ve been round at Miss Selfridge’s showing them how to get the coolest effects, so now we’re showing you how to do it 2015-style too.

Join us for a two hour session where we show you how to create those big bold white spots on dark blue. We’ll explain how to use DYLON’s fantastic home dyes in the right quantities, and teach you how to tie the fabric to create this bold effect. We’ll supply a plain cotton tea towel, and by the end of the session you’ll have tied the fabric and dipped it in dye. You’ll leave with your tea towel dyed and untied again to reveal your handiwork, rinsed and ready to wash.

We'll give you latex disposible gloves and supply aprons to wear, but drips are inevitable so don't wear your very best outfit!

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