Carve Your Own Halloween Pumpkin Masterclass


Want to be the envy of all your neighbourhood trick or treaters? Come to our Pumpkin Carving Masterclass and learn all the skills you need to create incredible carved pumpkins, that everyone will be talking about!

If you’ve ever looked at the incredibly intricate pumpkins on Pinterest and thought you’ll never be able to make something that good, then we have the workshop for you. Over the course of two and a half hours you will transform a regular pumpkin into a work of art that will impress everyone who sees it. 

We'll do the really gross work of hollowing out the big pile of stinky sticky pumpkin, leaving just the more delicate bits for you to do! 

Choose from a selection of example stencils, or create your own design if you’re feeling really adventurous! Don’t worry if you’re not sure what design you want - we will help you come up with something. We will start by showing you how to transfer your design on to the pumpkin, then how to begin carving your design. As well as hand held manual tools we will use a selection of power tools to get really stuck in! It’s messy, but don’t worry, we have aprons for everyone. 

We'll send you home with a stunning pumpking with an electric tealight and a bag to take it home in. You just need to set it up on your doorstep to be the talk of the street!