Pyrography literally means fire-writing! There's no actual flames involved, but this is the craft of burning wood or leather to create permanent burn marks. We'll be using the best Pyrography irons with a range of different hot branding tips for you to use. Have a practise on some wood offcuts, before you start burning on chopping boards, kitchen utensils, keyrings and more that you can take home with you. 

You don't need  any experience at all! If you can hold a pen then you'll be able to do pyrography. There are 19 different iron tips to choose from. Some tips allow you to draw or write freehand just like a pen. You can either make up a design, or use our templates to create patterns or words

If you're not confident drawing freehand, that's fine too because there are lots of lovely iron tips that are designed to brand shapes and designs in one go. All you need to do is make lines or rows of shapes to get a great end result with no drawing skills at all!

Ticket includes free hot drinks and a glass of Prosecco!

The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ

"That was awesome! Thanks for running such a fun and creative session" Cat M


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